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I have a document from Jim Floyd’s files describing their reaction to the decision to “patriate” the Sparrow 2D development.

Canada, however, as late as the time of Arrow cancellation, stated that no nuclear Sparrow was possible, and thus the Arrow with the Sparrow 2 would not have a modern, high-potency weapon. ) In fact, in 1957, if I recall the date correctly (I will check this later), the Canadians were told by American authorities that no nuclear air to air weapon would be available until around 1962-63, and was being reserved for the F-108 Rapier.Avro originally wanted to use the MA-1 system by Hughes, which the USAF was developing in an enormously expensive effort to be their “wonder” radar of the 1950s and 1960s.An article in January 2004’s issue of Airpower shows they were keen to get this radar into a higher capacity interceptor than the F-106 (it had been slated for the F-102 but development difficulties made this impossible) and it had been specified for the XF-103, which was projected by Republic Aviation to be capable of Mach 4.Of course, the F-106 got the Hughes MB-2 Genie nuclear air to air weapon long before that date.Was this another ploy to try to convince the Canadians that the Arrow wasn’t worth the bother and that Canada should just buy American?

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