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There is a bird-watching tower for the use of visitors.Møn has a number of interesting churches decorated with frescos.Fanefjord Church dates back to the 13th century, and has a set of recently restored frescos painted in 1450 by the Elmelunde Master.Frescos can also be seen in Elmelunde Church, the oldest church on the island, with parts dating from the start of the 12th century.

Its landscapes include woodlands, grasslands, meadows, wetlands, coastal areas, ponds and steep hills." Møn is located just off the south-eastern tip of Zealand from which it is separated by the waters of the Hølen strait between Kalvehave and the island of Nyord, at the northern end of Møn. At the narrowest point between the two islands, the waters are referred to as Wolf Strait (Ulvsund), which is the primary strait separating Møn from Zealand.Access to the narrow beach is via a flight of 500 steps from the parking area set within the beech forest behind the cliffs.The Geo Center Møns Klint, a geological museum tracing the origins of Denmark and the formation of the cliffs opened there in May 2007.The small village on the island has a number of quaint cottages and farmhouses as well as a unique octagonal church and a small harbour.Nyord is an important habitat for geese, ducks and other wading birds.

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Keldby Church has a unique altarpiece and is also richly decorated with frescos.

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