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I was wildly unimpressed with the professional home healthcare workers I’d met: They seemed way too interested in babbling on their cells and watching daytime TV. I sublet my apartment, moved back to the house where I grew up in upper Westchester, NY and tried to take care of the woman who once did this job so well for me. I had various levels of success with the vacuum cleaner and was vaguely competent using a pill cutter for mom’s meds.

But when it came to washing floors and making meals, I experienced an eerie case of deja vu. If I was being graded by Olympic judges, my scores would’ve been embarrassingly low for both degree of difficulty and execution.

Even though we both had to get up early to go to work.” My mother opened up about her childhood disappointments.

She described the many nights she spent sobbing on her stoop until it was dark, waiting for a hard-driving mom who wasn’t coming home.

I miss that new me, almost as much as I miss my mom.

It’s safe to say that initially I would have been absolutely no one’s first choice to be a caregiver.

Nothing huge: change a few out-of-reach light bulbs, or maybe re-attach a pesky lever on the garage door so the damn thing will actually go up like it’s supposed to. But now, every time I’m in the local market buying prunes (nope, not for me) or corralling an octogenarian neighbor’s dog that has scooted out of their front door, I hear my mom say, ‘Good work.’ It’s not like having her back.

When you're growing up, your Mom isn't supposed to be your friend.

I’d just finished up with the ficus and went upstairs to see if mom wanted any tea. I started doing occasional tasks for her—little things at first, like bringing her newspaper up to the door. There were one or two other seniors on my street who needed similar help. But I haven’t forgotten what those months with mom taught me.

I was your classic, carefree bachelor, living in New York City.

I was good with dogs, passable with house plants—and that was about as far as my day-to-day concerns stretched. But when my mom was stricken with a serious heart problem it quickly became clear she couldn’t stay in our beloved family house alone.

Having avoided grown-up responsibility most of my adult life, I came to rely on my new life and habits as much as my mother did. But as the days went on and I decided to stay in our house for a while, I realized something more profound and harder to shake had occurred.

After a life of doing whatever whenever, I found that I liked taking care of somebody. My self-identity had become so wrapped up in being a caregiver, I now had an impossible time picturing myself going back to my old life.

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