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We accomplish our philanthropic goals through partnerships with universities, K-12 schools, nonprofits and community organizations.

Toyota has contributed millions of dollars, countless vehicles and hundreds of thousands of volunteer hours to help conserve and protect the environment in North America.

In 2013, Toyota announced a .5 million grant to the National Audubon Society to extend Toyota Together Green™, bringing the total funding since 2008 to .5 million.

Toyota Together Green invests in emerging conservation leaders and funds innovative community-based conservation projects throughout the United States.

The island also has a new recycling center, where plastic, glass, aluminum and paper are collected and shipped to Ecuador for recycling.

Over the past year, there has been a 22 percent increase in the amount of waste recycled or composted on Santa Cruz Island, thanks in large part to this unique partnership.

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We are proud Toyota know-how has been able to make such a difference here.” Education and outreach have been key components of everything we’ve done in the Galápagos Islands.

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