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I'd like to clarify, I am not making a threat, simply proceeding to the next step in the Wikipedia dispute resolution process.

Regards, The Rfc was inconclusive for two reasons; you refused to concede on any issue and tried to sidestep the issue, when you knew things were not going well for you, and tried to pin false allegations on me.

I will be happy to challenge your selective citation in the mediation as well if you insist on using Kamath as a reference for the 450 AD date.

If you feel my behavior was less than stellar, you can file an Rf C against me. I'm sure the Wikipedia mediation committee will factor in whatever they think is important to the content issue at hand.

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If you would like to participate, please visit the project page, where you can join the discussion and see a list of open tasks.

I have seen excellent comments from you in other places at Wiki and recognise one who knows a good deal more than I, on a wide range of important matters.This is the famous Halmidi Record of the Kadambas (for long scholars were of the view that it belonged to c. 10), "The earliest lithic documents in Kannada are the Halmidi record of the Kadambas and the Badami cave record of Mangalesha which are of the fifth and sixth centuries respectively." You then only mentioned the second reference to Halmidi, not the first; furthermore, you didn't say "fifth century," but rather 450 AD.I had a fellow-Wikipedian talk to the book's publishers and order the 2008 edition, so I know the history of the book's publishing.Then you apologised and said you would not return to this article, but did not keep your word, as expected.Also, any mediator you bring forward and is acceptable to me will fully read the contents of the previous Rfc.

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I think this needs to be said in a more transparent way than I have just articulated it in the abstract here on the talk page.

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