Irridating aluminum

Velocities decrease at higher background pressures because of plume confinement.

TOF data of Al neutrals fitted to shifted Maxwell–Boltzmann distributions indicate a general thermal nature, while the fast species in SLA appear to show a non-thermal behavior.

Optical emission and dynamics of ionized and neutral species present in plasmas generated by irradiating an aluminum target with ultrashort (100 fs) and short (7 ns) laser pulses is investigated, in the background pressure range of 10 to 760 Torr.

Emission spectra exhibit lines from neutrals (Al I) as well as singly and doubly ionized ions (Al II, Al III).

These investigations provide valuable insights into the composition and expansion of Al plasmas produced by ultrashort and short laser pulses respectively, which might be of importance for a number of applications including EUV and X-ray generation, pulsed laser deposition, cluster production, and nanoparticle formation and growth.

The temperature profile in the target external layers is studied through the heat diffusion equation.

The vaporization from the surface is modeled assuming unsteady adiabatic expansion (UAE) of the vapor and a Monte Carlo (MC) method is used to describe the formation of liquid nanodroplets through phase explosion.

of Science and Technology (Iran, Islamic Republic of)), AC(Iran Univ.

of Science and Technology (Iran, Islamic Republic of)), AD(Iran Univ.

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