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Of the eleven caves that yielded manuscripts, five were discovered by the Bedouins and six by archeologists.

Some of the caves were particularly rich in material.

The Bedouins continued to search for scrolls, as these scraps of leather proved to be a fine source of income.

Because Cave I had been exhausted by archeological excavation, the fresh material that the Bedouins were offering proved that Cave I was not an isolated phenomenon in the desert and that other caves with manuscripts also existed.

The years between 19 were marked by accelerated activity in both the search for caves and the archeological excavation of sites related to tile manuscripts.

An eight-kilometer-long strip of cliffs was thoroughly investigated.

Excavating such a site could provide clues that would help identify the people who deposited the scrolls.

The ruins of Qumran lie on a barren terrace between the limestone cliffs of the Judean Desert and the maritime bed along the Dead Sea.

All the remaining manuscripts, sizable texts as well as minute fragments, are stored in the Rockefeller Museum building in Jerusalem, the premises of the Israel Antiquities Authority Père de Vaux gradually realized the need to identify a habitation site close to the caves.Cave 3 preserved two oxidized rolls of beaten copper (the Copper Scroll), containing a lengthy roster of real or imaginary hidden treasures-a tantalizing enigma to this day. was particularly rich in material: 15,000 fragments from at least six hundred composite texts were found there.The last manuscript cave discovered, Cave II, was located in 1956, providing extensive documents, including the Psalms Scroll, an Aramaic of Job, and the Temple Scroll, the longest (about twenty-nine feet) of the Qumran manuscripts.This discovery established the provenance of the purchased scrolls.Also recovered were archeological artifacts that confirmed the scroll dates suggested by paleographic study.

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