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Its persistence as self-justification is especially disturbing because Georgia Aquarium self-identifies as an educational facility—and indeed is required by law to be educational because it exhibits marine mammals, as the US Marine Mammal Protection Act (MMPA) requires facilities that display captive marine mammals to offer “a program for education or conservation purposes that is based on professionally recognized standards of the public display community.”[2] To routinely violate logical principles and offer patently false information as the very basis for its existence disqualifies this facility as a true educator.Georgia Aquarium ordered the belugas from Russian capture operators before acquiring a permit under the MMPA to import them to the United States.Acquiring the animals before acquiring the permit makes all consequences, including the length of time the animals stayed at Utrish Marine Station on the Black Sea, the deaths of four animals between 20, and the uncertain future the remaining 14 animals face, entirely Georgia Aquarium’s responsibility.Yet Georgia Aquarium does not accept this responsibility but instead blames others, including NOAA Fisheries and animal protection nonprofit groups, for these outcomes.

La problemática de las relaciones afectivas entre los jóvenes ofrece como punto débil el no contar con un instrumento específico, válido y fiable.14, emphasis added) This argument is demonstrably false.There are numerous species not maintained in captivity, most often due to size or needs that cannot be accommodated by captive enclosures, whose conservation status is stable or improving.It was unethical in a conservation sense, since Georgia Aquarium could not have been certain the import permit would be issued.Georgia Aquarium should have waited until the permit was issued before ordering the belugas.

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Along with this announcement, Georgia Aquarium released a media kit, entitled .

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