Should boys and girls begin dating at 16

Obviously she has to be reasonable on the time in which she wants to go out , but maybe a Saturday or Sunday afternoon would be a good compromise.There is always potential trouble on the horizon for young girls, no matter what. I think it's OK to let them go it groups of friends.

Going to the movies is a big deal and a lot of fun for that age group. Just because boys and girls are at the movies does not mean they are at the movies having sex. Even when your daughter goes with a group of girls, rest assured, there are groups of guys there too. Well at least you know she's being honest with you- she could have just said that it was all girls!My parents use to allow me to do so as long as they had met both the kids and their parents.As long as your daughter has shown you she is responsible I personally see no wrong. Like another poster stated keep open communication with her. If she is going with a group of friends to watch a movie then what is the problem , do you have any male friends?Maybe this would ease any doubts that you may feel. I think if you know the kids, and she's a pretty good kid.( I always trust until they give me a reason not to trust) then let her go. and The whole girl thing is coming too quickly for me too. I know times have changed, but we used to go to movies in a mixed group at that age. Maybe you ought to start inviting the kids over so that you can get to know them so that she CAN do events like this?

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I know she isn't perfect, but I do know that her group of friends are from good Christian families and I have trust in her that she will act appropriately.

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