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Any relationship can be quite challenging, but when dating someone from another country, culture and background, you may have to deal with such obstacles as language barrier, cultural differences and luck of knowledge on your fiancee's perceptions, both about major life issues and about the little nothings of life.Therefore, learning more about Ukrainian cuisine and drinking habits would provide you with good start in your relationship.So, the first of our Ukraine dating tips is to be prepared to eat much and try not to refuse a second helping of anything when you are invited to dinner over to your fiancee's home.Otherwise, she and her family (especially her mother) might think you shun their hospitality and dislike their food (and efforts put towards cooking it).

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Before you go out and visit her family, it would be wise to discuss drinking with her.

If she is not totally against it, you may opt to bring a bottle of good wine, vodka or cognac for father or her entire family.

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