Updating enlisted record brief

All letters must reflect all pre-graduation actions are complete.

(Note: We do not accept letters for bachelor's degrees, bachelor's plus or master's plus updates.) This update is valid for a AFI 36-2305 para 4.1. Officers are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of their education records annually.

However, you should continually add entriesto the ERB as the Soldier provides documentation. Question: Can Command List Integration (CLI),formerly ALI, Soldiers add points?

Answer: No, CLI Soldiers will have to appear before the promotion board first in order to add promotion points.

Master Plus -completion of 30 semester hours or 45 quarter.

This only applies if your degree requirements are completed, but a degree has not been awarded/conferred.

It is the officer's responsibility to contact the issuing institution and fund the cost of any requested transcript/documentation (see paragraph 3.2.) for update and/or correction of military records.

Transcript fees are not reimbursable by the Air Force.

We do not have the authority to combine hours from multiple schools. Minimum requirements: Bachelor Plus  - completion of 15 semester hours or 22 quarter hours toward the award of the master's degree.

For all other competitive categories:  This area holds only your two highest/most recent degrees.  Officers are responsible for ensuring their education records are updated as quickly as possible after completing new education levels.  You may request an update of bachelor's plus or master' s plus to show progress toward an advanced degree.  At least 15 semester or 22 quarter hours of graduate-level work are required for " BAC " 30 semester or 45 quarter hours of PHD work are required for " MAS " .  Official transcripts must be sent to the AFIT Academic Coding Branch directly from the issuing institutions.  Most official transcripts do not include your SSN or date of birth.

If you have a common name it is recommended that you contact the school to ensure that additional identifying information is on your transcript or this office will be unable to locate you in MILPDS.

(Hint--If your degree was awarded over 3 months ago, you are not pending graduation and need to send official transcripts)Name, SSN, degree level, major area of study, date of graduation (for future graduation dates we will accept the requirements completion date as a substitute), and the letter must be physically signed by the Registrar.

We will not accept letters stating pending status, should graduate, or audits pending.

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The most common updates are: bachelor's  degrees, bachelor plus (annotated on the Career Data Brief (CDB) and SURF as  " Graduate Work - No Graduate Degree" ), master's degree, master's plus, Ph Ds, and medical residencies/fellowships.

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