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"Hush" addresses the limits and assets of language and communication and the disruption to society when communication breaks down.

The Gentlemen are often counted as some of the series' most frightening villains, and the episode is frequently included on lists of the best of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Maggie Walsh is discussing the difference between language and communication, Buffy has a dream in which Riley kisses her.

A shy woman in the group, Tara Maclay, starts to speak up to support Willow's suggestion, but falls silent when the attention turns to her.

That night, as Sunnydale sleeps, white wisps float from each person's mouth to a belfry, where they settle in the box from Buffy's dream as ghoulish skeletal figures, with metal-toothed grins and impeccable black suits, look on.

The Shake by Mel Nicolai (2010) This brilliantly understated novel—self-published by Nicolai in 2010—is a blend of vampire fiction, noir mystery, and deep existential speculation.

It also helps make nipples rosier, perkier, and more sensitive.They must also find ways to express their feelings about each other and keep some semblance of control as the town descends into chaos.The episode was highly praised when it aired and was the only episode in the entire series to be nominated for an Emmy Award in Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series; it also received a nomination for Outstanding Cinematography for a Single Camera Series (Michael Gershman).With the anniversary of Bram Stoker’s death coming up in a few days (he died April 20, 1912), I thought it would be fitting to shine the light on some of the most under-appreciated vampire novels of all time. Featuring a 500-pound, bloodsucking taxi driver named Jules Duchon, this story—set in New Orleans—is as entertaining as it is audacious. Many people know GRRM only for his Song of Ice and Fire saga but, in my mind, this novel—largely set on the Mississippi River in 1857—is one of his best works ever. Blood Blade by Marcus Pelegrimas (2009) The first novel in Pelegrimas’s Skinners saga, this novel was marketed as paranormal fantasy and while it certainly is that, it is also an epic reimagining of vampires and various other monstrosities.The tagline for says it all: “He’s undead, overweight, and can’t get a date.” You will never read anything quite like these novels… Vampire fiction fans may never have even heard of this series before but at its heart, Skinners is nothing short of revolutionary vampire-powered horror. Blood Vice by Keith Melton (2009) I described the first book in Melton’s Nightfall Syndicate thusly: “Imagine Bram Stoker writing a crime fiction epic, or Mario Puzo penning a vampire-powered thriller.

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Blood Vice is a perfect graft of noir fiction and paranormal fantasy…” 4.

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