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The small difference being that unless you are highly adept at Google stalking, you will know even less about your blind date than your online match who likes sports and sports and also really likes sports.

Which means, unless the Emma Woodhouse in your life reveals some sort of non-negotiable about the guy, there’s really no good reason to decline a blind date.

Peruse the weekend section of your local newspaper for light yet interesting topics appropriate for a first date.

And speaking of awkward pauses, don’t feel like it’s your job to jump in and fill them at the first nanosecond of silence.

If all goes well, you’ll have a much less anxiety-inducing second date. Many artists have channeled pain into great art; you can at least channel a painful date into a great story. Take three deep breaths, have zero expectations, and just be yourself.

Do as much as you can to keep your mind busy so as not to over-think the date and/or list possible baby names if it all works out.You’ll likely be posted up at one of the blue leather banquettes, past the ship ropes that separate you from the marble-topped bar.Your libation request might sound something like “I’d like a Clean Break, please” (gin, Grand Poppy liqueur, masala bitters) or “Please, Dance by My Side” (tequila, falernum, dry curaçao, rosé).In other Plies-related news, the "Shawty" performer's Racks Up to My Ear Challenge is taking over the Internet. It’s your new pre-and-post-show date spot in Hell’s Kitchen, where you won’t in fact feel like you’re in Hell’s Kitchen but you will in fact be eating many tasty things from the sea and trying some cocktails involving things like poppy liqueur. It’s called Gloria, it’s a subtly nautical-looking pescatarian place with a Le Bernardin alum in the kitchen, and it’s open now.

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