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Also, damage dealing capabilities are hardly balanced across all tanks of the same tier (think T40 vs A-20 for example or the ARL V39 and M18).Kill per tier scaling – lower skilled players are found in lower tiers, and thus getting kills at tier 1 is easier than getting kills at tier 10, holding constant for player ability above a certain threshold.However, the problems listed above persist for any rating that uses “dmg/tier” computations.There is no way to get around the problem that damage isn’t worth the same (or as much is available) per tier, nor that kills weigh more or less by tier.You can see the technical side and logic for this in the Nuts & Bolts section.But the simplest explanation is that the Efficiency scale was not sufficiently discriminating of differentiating between player abilities.This is because WN8 cannot capture things like timing, target priority, teamwork or decision making abilities.

So part of the information in WN8 now includes both the tanks a player has chosen, but also the number of games played on an account.

One of the first things a reader will notice is that the scale of WN8 is different than the scale introduced by Efficiency and adopted for WN1-7.

The reasons for re-scaling are dependent on some decisions made during the development of WN8.

SPG and LT – Finally, these classes simply don’t output similar numbers to their per tier counter-parts.

HT/TD/MT can be roughly comparable, but a tier 8 LT doesn’t put out the dmg or frags of the ISU/IS-3/T69/50 100.

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WN7 sought to address this by slapping on a low tier penalty; however this is easily avoided simply by alternating playing higher tiers and lower tiers.

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