Xiao gui and rainie yang dating

Its okay if u dont like this pair, i will work on other pairs soon, ok? I do however, have a best childhood friend named Kame who always gets me through those tough days... one main thing, if u like Luo Zhi Xiang and have twitter, please follow Luo Zhi Xiang FC, thank you! Over all I'm nothing special and up until recently, was basically your average girl. She was leading a peaceful life although her dad was a drug addict.But on her 18th birthday, her dad gave her the 'best' present...

Disclaimer: This is purely fan fi A Christmas Dream [Completed] This was posted on Winglin in December 2010. Like a Christmas calendar (: Disclaimer: This is purely fan fiction.

Ella Chen: a unique, young girl who is playful but can be serious when it's the appropriate time.

Jerry Yan: a cold outside person, who is warm hearted inside but no one notices.

Weird things start happening to her and around her, and like she didn't have enough to worry about already, her friend Alien proposes to her at a dinner party held by him and his friend Show.

Mission Makeover [Completed] Okay, this was my second fanfic - it took more than a half year to write it, I think.

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